Advanced 3D Visualization and
Real-time IoT 3D Security 

for Physical Security, IoT Networks, & Infrastructure for Enterprise, Carriers & Government
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Physical Security

3D visualization for the management of physical security information (PSIM/VMS), manage security cameras networks, sensors, alarms, etc.

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IoT Networks

3D Visualization for IoT Networks for logical and physical, manage and optimize the entire network and its dynamics in real-time.

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3D Visualization (physically and virtually) for data center infrastructure management (DCIM), virtual machines, service topology, rackspace, etc.

3D Visualization converged software platform
for Networks, Data Centers, and Security

Networks and infrastructure complexity is dramatically growing, resulting in "Big Data" challenge of identifying critical information effectively and efficiently. Visualization simplifies big data analytics, and accelerates time-to-action. Based on innovative and patented technologies, nuPSYS Visualization converged software platform comprises of three elements: nuSIM, nuVIZ and nuGEN.


Watch our videos to learn more about 3d visualization, network visualization data center infrastructure and physical security and how they can help you step up to the next level in visualization, control and desicion making.

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Bosch - nuPSYS nuPSYS Collaborates with Bosch - Integrates 3D-Advanced Mapping for Bosch Video Management System

March 29, 2017 nuPSYS an innovation leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for physical security, infrastructure, and networks is pleased to announce its 3D-Advanced Mapping is now integrated with the Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS)...