Security, Network, & Data Center


Enterprise, Carriers, IoT, & Government

At nuPSYS we think visualization is a very powerful tool and up until now most existing monitoring solutions are based on traditional ways for showing network topology maps, not to mention Physical Security or Data Center “walk through” scenarios. Usually same colors, figures, layout and information presentation remains the same regardless of vendor.
Thanks to our R&D efforts we have developed our own patented technology that allows us not only to create amazing views of data networks but as well gathering very detailed information by means of automation so the deep and breath of information we put on your hands is not comparable on the market.
No matter size of Network or Industry where end customer plays, network has a single and clear objective: no matter what, it must work efficiently 24 x 7!


Visual network management system (NMS) for logical & virtual networks, including visual alarming drastically Simplifying managing & optimizing networks via Visualization of the entire network and its dynamics in real-time. nuGEN has cloud-based and on-premise versions, with real-time analytics, scalable to a Million+ devices. nuGEN use cases include network trouble-shooting, monitoring & health assessment. Patented image-rendering & GPU-based technology directly addresses the dynamic, rapidly-changing & complex aspects of today's networks. nuGEN is used by multi-service carriers, cable operators, banks & other enterprises


3D-Visualization (physically & virtually) for data center infrastructure management (DCIM), uniquely capable of visualizing virtual machines, virtual network topology, physical rack-space, physical device details (including its modules, line-cards,…), power utilization & heat-map, data center walk through. nuVIZ use cases include data center planning & inventory drastically reducing time. In its next release nuVIZ is expected to provide dynamic DCIM visualization, including adds, moves & changes.


3D-Visualization for physical security information management (PSIM), enabling real-time management of security camera networks, including for remote data centers, government & enterprise, currently deployed in multiple countries.